Christian E. Schabacker is a talented Composer, Producer, Arranger and Multi-Instrumentalist. He plays an array of instruments from guitar to piano and keyboards, the drums and bass to the ukulele. Growing up in the music industry, he spent much of his time in music studios with his father Eric Schabacker, the owner and producer of Bee Jay Recording Studios in Orlando, Florida. Christian attended high school in Italy, before moving back to the United States and working closely alongside his father on demo sessions and in publishing, recording, writing and copyrighting music in both Florida and Nashville.

“Music is the most universal language that we can all understand,” he says, when asked why he chose to immerse himself in a life of music. “I picked up the guitar at age twenty, after being influenced by Eric Clapton, Mark Knophler, Van Halen and Pink Floyd.”

Christian attended the University of Arkansas to pursue a music degree, however despite learning music theory there, he wanted to better learn how to apply this theory to an instrument, and he soon decided to move to the world-renowned Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, where he earned his music degree studying under Scott Henderson of Tribal Tech, Kevin King, Beth Marlis, and Dan Gilbert to name a few. While in Los Angeles, he played in bands such as Killzone and Wired Shut, as well as acting as an extra and a video assist for television shows such as Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Star Trek and Ally Mcbeal.

On returning to Florida, Christian continued to work in music studios as a Producer and Instrumentalist, at Greg Wryke studios, Transcontinental and Wolfshead Productions, assisting in sessions with O-Town, LFO, and Producers Eric Schilling and Mariama Goodman. Christian also played in local Florida bands such as SNAFU, Morning Yesterday, and Remove Before Flight. As an instrumentalist, Christian has played in front of over fifty thousand people, listing Lollapalooza as one of his favorite gigs.

Christian sought to share his knowledge and “keep music alive”. He soon became a Music Instructor at George’s music where he taught guitar, piano, keyboard, drums and ukulele for many years, building a wide base of students.

At present, Christian resides in Orlando, Florida, where he has teamed with Singer / Songwriter Steph Green to form Catch 22 Music Group. Catch 22 are a songwriting & composition team as well as a live music duo performing cover songs. Christian is also currently working with Grammy artist G Cavelle, as well as teaching music and recording and engineering in his own personal studio.