Steph Green is a Singer/Songwriter whose love for music bloomed in her early years. She was born in Wales, United Kingdom, and at age four, Steph moved with her family to England where she grew up. Writing songs and singing since she could talk, Steph remembers listening to an eclectic music collection as a child, and recalls “the singers with the huge, unique, emotional voices definitely helped and inspired me the most because I would
challenge myself to be able to hit every note and sing my heart out like no-one was listening.” She lists her musical inspirations as the likes of Whitney Houston, Stereophonics, James Morrison, Fleetwood Mac and the Arctic Monkeys.

After moving overseas to America, Steph won the singer/songwriter of the year award out of over four hundred contestants at the AMTC nationwide talent convention in Florida. Eager to further expand her knowledge and passion, Steph went on to obtain a degree in writing and music. Ever a lyricist, she has written hundreds of songs, and numerous poems and short stories. Her work has won awards in magazines such as ‘The Alchemist’, and she has frequently been recognized for her skills in writing through competitions and most recently for her work as a Creative Writer and Editor. Steph plays the guitar, keys and ukulele and she has been hired as a studio singer and songwriter for various projects.

“I would say my music is soulful, heartfelt and lyrical. I write a lot of poetry so the lyrics are important to me,” Steph contends when asked about her original music. “I’ve never been able to put myself in a box stylistically because the music can pull me in different directions and I feel compelled to go there.”

At present, Steph continues to perform and write music. She teaches vocals and has teamed with Christian E. Schabacker, talented Composer, Producer, Arranger and Multi-instrumentalist, to form Catch 22 Music Group, offering services from music lessons to a live music duo performing cover songs and a songwriting and composition team. “Music is my escape and it has always been there for me, there’s a magic in it, it’s so much more than sound.”